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In the Czech Republic the company has been engaged in the transport, forwarding, customs and logistic services already since 1997, when it has performed under the name Intex Oľga Barillová s.r.o. based in Košice u Soběslavi. Since 1999 it has worked under the name Intex CS s.r.o. In 2004 it has moved from the South Bohemian region to the town Kamenice nad Lipou.

In March 2006 the company has joined the German spedition Wolf, which also has big experience in the area of the logistics and forwarding. Through this connection has been established a new company named Wolf-Intex s.r.o. In 2006 this company has built a new warehouse and started with stock-keeping.

Today the company is engaged in the transport and forwarding, customs and intrastat services, logistics and stock-keeping. We work with the information system Helios.