From the start to the end we are with you!


We have been engaged in transport already since 1997. For many years we provide mainly the haulage – domestic- and international transport for our clients. We are able to provide also the air transport, water transport and railway transport to all world destinations. We dispose with our own rolling stock and cooperate with a wide network of contracting transporters.

Our dispatchers will inform you about the calculation of the transport, they will find quickly and reliably the optimal and the fastest transport and arrange the loading and unloading at the place of the destination. Goods transportation goes the direct way from the loading point to the unloading point under requirements of the client.

We provide the appropriate vehicle (from a pick-up to a truck) in the given time. With every consignment delivery will be confirmed the accompanying documents. All company and contracting drivers are provided with cell phones and all the time the dispatchers are with them in contact - 24 hours every day, therefore there is the possibility to find out the actual state course of the transportation in any time.